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Inspiration Behind The 2016 Fall Daniel Rainn Line

Inspiration Behind The 2016 Fall Daniel Rainn Line

Daniel Rainn is known for its boho-chic appeal, bold prints, and all-over modern charm, but where does this mix of styles materialize from? Daniel gives us insight to where he found inspiration for the Fall 2016 line.

As a whole, Daniel was heavily influenced by “Luxe-Boho,” which encompasses 60’s and 70’s vintage trends that are currently in style, making it easy to resonate with women of many generations. Embracing artistic prints, embroidery, and bright colors, this trend is comfortable and glamorous and speaks to all.

The brand itself is well-known for its alluring patterns, which were inspired from a Marrakesh vibe. From mosaic tiles to tapestries, Daniel encompassed this look effortlessly in the fall line, describing it as soft bohemian with vintage inspiration.

It's clear Daniel chooses to remain open-minded when seeking the spark of inspiration; he pulls from different cultures and trends to create a story. The fall line encompasses just that—ageless pieces that are free spirited yet modern. These are pieces that undoubtedly work for all.


- Daniel Rainn Team